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I guide my clients in creating a lifestyle which blends health by using the arts and fitness as keys for strength and development.  You define how you want to thrive, I’m here to support the journey.

Michelle, a dancer with 15 years of training, 6 years of teaching and performing in 4 different countries, and am a certified Holistic Health Coach, bearing certifications from BeachBody Turbokick, Buti Yoga, Core Pilates Mat & Apparatus, Zumba and the Red Cross.

I've managed health studios, school programs and have developed plans for clients of all health levels.  I coach people privately, in group classes, in person, online and through excursions.

I push my clients.  You will be challenged, but only with the right tools to be accomplished.

I'm currently based in Barcelona, Spain, and travel Europe performing and teaching. 

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I'll show you the way to sustainable eating to boost your energy.


What's living without believing?  

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Client love

" Michelle's classes are SO fun!  I love taking her classes because she has a great mix of formal dance routines blended with cardio.  She has an energy that makes you feel like you're just in the class having fun - not trying to beat through a workout."

 Nicole, New York City
 " She has this energy where she stays engaged will participants through the whole class, and has a smile on the entire time."

 Abby, New York City

" I like that she works the full body in class.  You'll never get the same mundane workout."

 Lorraine, Los Angeles

" I'm the most uncoordinated person, and assumed I would be awful at Zumba. A friend dragged me to Michelle's class and I was immediately having fun and could keep up, thanks to Michelle's teachings.

Michelle was outgoing, super knowledgeable and made me, even the most awkward of Zumba-ers, feel completely comfortable! "​

 Danielle, Los Angeles

" Michelle is such a talented dancer and is so good with the kids; they love taking classes with her.  We are so happy to find someone who is talented in leading an array of classes."​

 Diane, New York City

" Michelle is an awesome Zumba instructor!  Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.  Her Zumba classes are clearly meticulously planned and her skills as a dancer shine through in her routines.  

I've been to various studios where instructors repeat the same routines and seem disconnected with the class.  You will not get this with Michelle.  She clearly loves what she does and genuinely wants her students to get a good workout while having a great time."

 Evelyn, Phoenix

" Michelle emits a healing energy.  It's not just a physical workout, but it heals the soul.  She's the only instructor I've had that experience with."

                                Cecilia, Los Angeles

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Rolling auditions are held for her Contemporary dance teams.  Teams perform regularly and compete seasonally.  

Women and men welcome.

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Photographer, videographer, make-up artist, designer or have a product?  


Let's connect to create and break the boundaries.

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